Bright Steel Bar with Hardness for Medical Parts

Shenzhou Hongxiang Bright Steel Co., Ltd. has expanded the scale of bright steel bars by advanced manufacturing equipment and precise technology in the past 20 years. With increasing challenge on competitive dynamics of the world bright bar industry, we continuous improving our manufacturing technology of to deliver premium product with high quality. "Superior Customer Service, Premium Quality and Quick Turnaround" is our philosophy. Our bright steel bars are appreciated in many countries to be utilized in many area, including machine components, paper and food industry, aircraft parts, fastener, exhaust manifolds and so on.

We manufacture products with premium quality, including bright steel bar, mild steel bright bar, stainless steel bright bar, alloy steel bright bar, as well as bright steel pipes. How can you choose them? When you need high hardness, please choose our alloy steel bright bar. If you want to make a big vessel, mild steel bright bar is suit for it because it contains lower carbon with good ductility. In damp environment, stainless steel bright bar is the best choice.

Feature of our bright steel bar

  • Dimensional accuracy. Bright steel bar and other series are produced with the process of peeling, straighten and grinding. We have stringent requirement to our skilled workers. They must make sure that the products can meet our clients need. And we have advanced equipment to test the ends product before shipping.
  • High tensile strength. Each product is made by the process of cold drawn and annealed for several times. When it's cold drawn, the inside structure of elements is damaged. The it's returned to the furnace at a slow speed of warming. The tensile strength is increased.
  • Corrosion resistance. Before package bright steel bar is coated oil to avoid corrosion.
  • Hardness. Molybdenum is utilized in the alloyed steel which could improve the toughness and prevent the steel from being susceptible to temper brittleness.

Bright steel can be used for shafts, bearing, surgical knife, and roller of paper processing equipment.Applications of bright steel bar

  • Food industry.
  • Pulp and paper industry.
  • Aerospace (turbine blades, etc.).
  • Mechanical components: high tensile springs & cables, pump shafts, valves.
  • Nuclear waste casks.
  • Petrochemical plants, structural design.
  • Oil pipeline ships, liquid cargo ships.
  • Boilers, pressure vessel, liquid storage terminals.

Our Service

  • Professional consulting: We have a professional team to solve any problem. They are familiar with different situations and could give you the best suggestion.
  • On-Line service: Our professional service team is on duty for 24 hours. They could speak English fluently. If you have any problem, please feel free to contact with them by email:
Hot Products

Bright steel bar with high tensile strength, hardness and bright is used for nuts, shaft, nozzle, and bearing. 6-100 mm round ones are available.

Alloy steel bright bar has bright surface, high toughness and corrosion resistance, used for mechanical components: boilers, valves & pressure vessel.

Mild steel bright bar containing lower carbon and easily welded is used for making nuts, rivets, studs and bolts, fastener, and automobile components.

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