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Alloy Steel Bright Bar with High Hardness for Nuts

Besides bright steel bar, we also manufacture alloy steel bright bar. Our bright steel bars are tested on various aspects to ensure that the quality is premium and they are free from any kind of manufacturing defect. With higher tensile strength and rust proof, it's widely applied to mechanical components, turbine blades, petrochemical plants, boilers, pressure vessel, liquid storage terminals and so on.

There is one piece of alloy steel bright bar. It's round, clean and bright.
Alloy steel bright bar has exact dimension and straightness, used for making surgical knives, nuts, spring, and pump shafts.
There are 30 pieces of bright round steel bars in 5 rows. The material is alloy steel bright bars.
The surface of alloy steel bar is bright and corrosion proof. They are usually used in petrochemical plants.


  • Type: round steel bar.
  • Size range: 6-100 mm.
  • Size tolerance: h6, h7, h8, h9, h10, h11.
  • Surface finish up: max. 0.4 um.
  • Straightness: max. 0.5 mm/m.
  • Length: 100-9000 mm.
  • Standard: DIN, EN, ASTM/ASME IS, AISI/SAE.
    Alloy steel bright bar chemical composition
    Element Carbon Manganese Molybdenum Silicon Sulfur Phosphorous
    Data 0.30-0.40% 1.30-1.80% 0.10-0.40% 0.10-0.35% 0.05% max. 0.04% max.
  • Production process of bright steel bar: annealed, hardening, straightening, peeled, rolling, cutting.
    Hardening: Chromium and molybdenum steel are applied for requiring high tensile strength and toughness values, in particular in medium and large cross sections in the quenched and tempered condition. The molybdenum additions could prevent the steel from being susceptible to temper brittleness so that it keeps toughness very well.
  • Testing: Ultrasonic flaw detection tests, lab chemical analysis, physical analysis and micro analysis.
Bright steel bar mechanical properties - heat treated condition
Diameter Yield strength Tensile strength Elongation Charpy impact Hardness
6-100 mm min. 740 N/mm2 930-1080 N/mm2 min. 12% min. 42 269-331 HB
Bright steel bar physical properties
Property Density Modulus of elasticity Electrical resistivity Thermal conductivity Thermal expansion
Data 7.85 kg/m3 210 GPa 0.080 × 10-6 Ω.m 18.4 W/m.K 10.8 × 10-6 m/K

Note: The data is concluded by a large quantities of our products.

A worker is wrapping a bundle of alloy steel bright bars with against abrasion pad and iron straps with machine.
A bundle of alloy steel bright bars is wrapped with against abrasion pads and packed with iron straps tightly.
There are 8 bundles of alloy steel bright bar on the ground, wrapped with a layer of plastic film and woven bags and tied by iron straps.
Alloy steel bright bars are wrapped with a layer of plastic film and woven bags outside.


  • Max. weight: 2000 kg/bundle.
  • Inside: anti-abrasion pads and a layer of seaworthy plastic film.
  • Outside: wrapped with woven bags and tied by iron stripes.

Feature of alloy steel bright bar

  • Rust and corrosion resistance. The bars are coated with oil which protect the bright bar against rust and corrosion.
  • High tensile strength. After annealed several times, the tensile strength of alloy steel bright bar is increased. Besides, during hardening process, chromium and molybdenum adopted also improve the tensile strength, yield strength and toughness of the steel.
  • Toughness. Molybdenum is utilized in the alloyed steel which could improve the toughness and prevent the bright steel bar from being susceptible to temper brittleness.

With higher tensile strength and toughness, alloy bright bars are applied in diverse areas, such as:

  • Offshore (helicopter deck platforms, etc.).
  • Food industry.
  • Pulp and paper industry.
  • Aerospace (turbine blades, etc.).
  • Mechanical components: high tensile springs & cables, pump shafts, valves.
  • Nuclear waste casks.
  • Petrochemical plants, structural design.
  • Oil pipeline ships, liquid cargo ships.
  • Boilers, pressure vessel, liquid storage terminals.

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