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Bright Steel Bar with High Tensile Strength & Toughness

We offer superior quality of bright steel bar. To meet clients different requirement, we have employed highly creative team of professionals who have immerse experience in the industry. Our bright steel bars are applicable in manufacturing of industrial spring, blades, automobile component, food processing equipment and so on.

We produce bright steel bars by using following process.

  • Annealed, pickled, cold drawn, grinding, polished & coating oil.
  • Peeled, straightened, grinding, polished, & coating oil.
    • Type: round steel bar.
    • Size: diameter 6-100 mm.
    • Size tolerance: h6, h7, h8, h9, h10, h11.
    • Length: 1-9 m.
    • Straightness tolerance: max. 0.5 mm/m.
    • Surface finish up: max. 0.4 um.
    • Material: carbon steel, alloy steel, mild steel.
    • Grade: 300 series, 400 series, duplex & superior duplex series, and hardening grades are available.
    • Certification: ISO 9001:2008.
There are 5 pieces of round bright steel bar with different sizes.
Different sizes of bright steel bar with round type. They are materials of shafts, valves, fittings.
There are 8 pieces of bright steel pipes with 3 sizes.
Bright steel pipes are also available with different size, which can be used for oil pipelines making.
Bright steel bar materials chemical composition
Element Carbon Silicon Manganese Sulfur Phosphorous
Melt analysis max. 0.45% 0.35% 1.00% 0.06% 0.06%
Weight of bright steel bars
No. Diameter size mm Weight kg/m No. Diameter size mm Weight kg/m
BS-3 3 0.06 BS-32 32 6.31
BS-4 4 0.1 BS-35 35 7.55
BS-5 5 0.15 BS-36 36 7.99
BS-6 6 0.22 BS-38 38 8.9
BS-8 8 0.4 BS-40 40 9.87
BS-10 10 0.62 BS-42 42 10.88
BS-12 12 0.89 BS-45 45 12.49
BS-14 14 1.21 BS-50 50 15.41
BS-15 15 1.39 BS-55 55 18.65
BS-16 16 1.58 BS-60 60 22.2
BS-17 17 1.78 BS-65 65 26.05
BS-19 19 2.23 BS-70 70 30.21
BS-20 20 2.47 BS-75 75 34.68
BS-22 22 2.98 BS-80 80 39.46
BS-24 24 3.55 BS-85 85 44.55
BS-25 25 3.85 BS-90 90 49.94
BS-28 28 4.83 BS-95 95 55.64
BS-30 30 5.55 BS-100 100 61.65

Test: impact test, crack test, hardness, tensile test, structure examination, ultrasonic inspection.


  • Max. weight: 2000 kg/bundle.
  • Inside: anti-abrasion pads and a layer of seaworthy plastic.
  • Outside: wrapped with woven bags and iron stripes.

When delivered to clients hands, it's marked specification, weight and quantity.

Round steel bar is ground to remove rust with machine and make a clean surface.
Bright steel bar is clean and bright with the process of grinding, used in food, pulp and paper industry.
Many pieces of bright steel bars are stored regularly in the warehouse.
Bright steel bars can be stored in normal environment with the feature of corrosion resistance. They are good material of turbine blades.


  • Surface integrity. The production process of grinding and polishing greatly improves the surface texture of bright steel bar. It's much more straight.
  • Precise dimension. It's produced by the process of straightening, grinding and fault detecting. Each bright steel bar is tested stringently by our quality control system.
  • High strength. The process of annealed improves the tensile strength and yield strength of bright bars. Because the temperature increases slowly, it leaves enough time to make the structure stronger.
  • Corrosion resistance. The bright bars are coated with oil to resist corrosion and rust during transport and storage.

Since bright steel bars are improved mechanical properties in the process of cold drawn and hardening, they have been used for a number of different applications, including: shafts, valves, fittings, gears, fasteners, food processing equipment, instruments, screws, bearings, mining machinery, aircraft parts, exhaust manifolds, pumps and so on.

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