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Mild Steel Bright Bar Easily Welded with Good Ductility

There are 3 pieces of mild steel bright bars with good ductility.
Mild steel bright bar with lower carbon content, is easy to be welded. It's used in pipeline industry.

Mild steel bright bar is manufactured by the production process of cold drawn, heat treatment, peeling, straightening, grinding and polished. It is produced on the basis of black steel. It has closer dimension - better straightness and flatness. Yet it keeps the advantage of steel bar, such as high tensile strength, corrosive resistance. Mild steel bright bar is widely used in food processing equipment, heavy engineering, railway and so on.

Mild steel bright bar containing nominally maximum 0.20% carbon is manufactured on the basis of plain carbon steel bar with the production process of cold drawn, precision ground & polished. It can be welded easily by conventional processes.

  • Type: round.
  • Size: diameter 6 mm - 90 mm.
  • Size tolerance: h6, h7, h8, h9, h10, h11 or as per specific requirement.
  • Length: 100-9000 mm.
  • Normal length tolerance: max. 1 mm/m, min. 0.8 mm/m or by agreement.
A large quantities of mild steel bright bars are stored in bulk in the warehouse regularly. They are clean and bright.
Mild steel bright bars with the feature of high tensile strength and corrosion resistance are used for nuts, rivets, studs and bolts.
It's the cross section of 7 bundles of mild steel bright bar with exact dimension.
Mild steel bright bars are packed with abrasion resistance pads and iron straps. It's used in heavy engineering and railway.
Mild steel bright bar chemical composition
Element Carbon Silicon Manganese Sulfur Phosphorus
Data 0.16-0.18% 0.40% max. 0.70-0.90% 0.040% max. 0.040% max.
Mild steel bright bar mechanical property
Element Max. stress Yield stress min. 0.2% proof stress min. Elongation min.
Parameter 400-560 N/mm2 300-440 N/mm2 280-420 N/mm2 10-14%
Note: The parameter of mechanical property is in cold drawn condition.
Standard of mild steel bright bar
Country Australia Japan Germany Great Britain USA
Standard AS 1443-2004 JIS G 4051 S20C W.Nr 1.1151 CK 22,
W.Nr 1.0402 C 22
BS 970 – 1955 EN 3B,
BS 970 Part 3 – 1991 070 M 20
AISI C1020,
SAE 1020,
ASTM A29/29M – 91 1020,
UNS G 10200
Weight of mild steel bar
No. Diameter mm Weight kg/m No. Diameter mm Weight kg/m
MSB-6 6 0.251 MSB-36 36 8.19
MSB-8 8 0.405 MSB-39 39 9.615
MSB-10 10 0.632 MSB-42 42 11.173
MSB-12 12 0.91 MSB-45 45 12.813
MSB-14 14 1.241 MSB-48 48 14.555
MSB-16 16 1.62 MSB-50 50 15.785
MSB-18 18 2.04 MSB-55 55 19.3
MSB-20 20 2.522 MSB-60 60 22.8
MSB-22 22 3.055 MSB-65 65 26.9
MSB-24 24 3.639 MSB-70 70 31.1
MSB-27 27 4.607 MSB-75 75 35.6
MSB-30 30 5.689 MSB-80 80 41
MSB-33 33 6.822 MSB-90 90 51.3
There is an instrument on the desk. It is used for testing hardness of mild steel bright bar.
Hardness of mild steel bright bar is tested by a professional instrument.
A skilled worker is producing mild steel bright bars with machine.
Mild steel bright bar is made by the process of annealed, peeling, straighten, grinding and polished.

Features of mild steel bright bar

  • Good ductility. Lower carbon containment makes the bright bar keep good ductility.
  • High tensile strength. Nominally 0.20% carbon is supplied in the cold drawn, precision ground or turned & polished condition. It increases the tensile strength.
  • Sturdy construction. The molecular structure is not damaged, even in heat treatment.
  • Against-corrosion. At the end of surface process, it's coated with oil to resist rust and corrosion.
  • Easy welded.


Bright mild steel bar has the advantage of smooth surface, high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, so it's usually made into nuts, rivets, studs, bolts, self tapping screws, automobile components to be used in the area of heavy engineering, pipeline industry, railways, and so on.

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